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Yesterday afternoon, a sicko created a Twitter account with the handle @blastinkids. The person running the account has posted 20 despicable messages. Here’s a vile sample:

I just got really tired about hearin’ about Hurricane Sandy. I thought we needed some new shit to happen. Fuckin’ relax, you guys.

— Adam Lanza (@BlastinKids) December 17, 2012

Alright, you guys ready? Here we go! ♬♬ If you’ve got a fatal gunshot wound in your little whore face clap your hands.*silence

— Adam Lanza (@BlastinKids) December 17, 2012

That’s all we can stomach.

Social media users from all parts of the political spectrum are calling Twitter’s attention to the malicious abuser:

@blastinkids sick bastard

— GETHSAFC (@GETH001) December 17, 2012

Everyone report and block @blastinkids. What the heck is wrong with some people?!?!

— Kaitlyn Hellickson ✌ (@Kaitmerr10233) December 17, 2012

Why have you not already blocked and reported @blastinkids? If this doesn’t violate @twitter TOS, NOTHING does. @safety @delbius

— Resist Tyranny (@ResistTyranny) December 17, 2012

It makes me nauseous to know that there are sick sadistic people in the world that would make a twitter account like BlastinKids

— Samantha Salus (@SamSaluss) December 17, 2012

Block and report this sick fake Adam Lanza account: @blastinkids.

— Suzanne Munshower (@expatina) December 17, 2012

Please block and report @blastinkids You’re absolutely disgusting. How dare you. You’re truly sick.

— Lizzie Dove(@Lizzie_Dove) December 17, 2012

Hurry up, Twitter.

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