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After seeing the way this woman from Kidderminster, Worcestershire, treated a horse named Thor, my blood is boiling. The only consolation? She was charged with two counts of animal cruelty earlier this week.

Twenty-two-year-old Charlotte McPherson came under investigation last March after riding Thor at a public event. Although she made an effort to conceal his abused and weakened condition, horse-lovers on social media spotted that something suspicious right away.

Once RSPCA inspector Suzi Smith had a look, she took Thor into her custody and notified the courts. Now, McPherson has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty, forcing her to pay fines and complete community service. In addition, she won’t be able to keep or care for horses for a minimum of 10 years.

When McPherson took Thor for a ride at a public event in March, she threw a blanket over his hindquarters to hide the abuse she had inflicted. Nevertheless, it was obvious that the 10-year-old horse was severely malnourished.

An investigation by the RSPCA proved the public’s worst fears to be true. The poor animal was so sick, malnourished, and riddled with worms that nearly every bone in his body was protruding.

RSPCA inspector Smith said:

“Thor looked incredibly thin and you could see pretty much every bone in his body. It was obvious to anyone who saw him that he was not well. A vet examined Thor and gave him a body condition of zero out of five — he was that thin.

While in this body condition, McPherson rode him twice a week, including at a fun ride in Bissell Wood, Blakedown, in March this year, where his condition was noticed by people at the event. Not only was he thin, but he had a sore on his spine which was directly underneath the saddle. Thor would have been in a lot of pain while he was being ridden.”

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