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The coastal town of Warwick, Rhode Island, is dealing with a bizarre, slightly horrifying mystery.

Earlier this week, an abandoned boat was found with its motor running in the local marina. While that doesn’t necessarily sound suspicious, there’s one little detail that might make you consider foul play…

The boat happened to be splattered with someone’s blood.

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According to police, the vessel appears to have suffered a recent collision. Right now, they’re treating it as a boating accident, but there could be more factors at play because they believe that it was stolen.

Officers told the press that they’ve been in contact with the boat’s owner, who lives in New Hampshire. At the moment, they’re trying to chase down leads to learn more about what happened.

My guess is that someone got a little too close to one of these bad boys and wasn’t prepared for the consequences.

(via Turn To 10)

Yet another reason why I do not regret my lifelong decision to remain on land. The ocean is cool from a distance, but if you get too close, it will come back to bite you.

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