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Former University of Tennessee women's basketball coach Pat Summitt will be awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama

— Rodrigo (@RodrigoEBR) April 19, 2012

Legendary women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt sent tears to the eyes of many sports fans on Wednesday when she announced she was stepping down as head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers.

In honor of everything she has contributed to the sport and female athletes in general, President Barack Obama is awarding her with the Medal of Freedom.!/amandahart20/status/193027970577866753

Obama says Pat Summitt, who retired Wed as Tenn b-ball coach after Alzheimer's diag, to get Pres Medal of Freedom. Calls her "inspiration."

— Bill Lambrecht (@blambrecht) April 19, 2012

President Obama on announcing Pat Summitt to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom "I look forward to awarding her this honor."

— Russell Biven (@WBIRrussell) April 19, 2012

So my guess is, a Presidential Medal of Freedom will be given to Blackwater Operatives who murdered civilians, and the waterboarding teams.

— Guy Faux (@ghostwriterCas) April 19, 2012

Presidential Medal of Freedom – Ah, the irony. A medal given to someone for protecting something that the president wants to take away.

— Guy Faux (@ghostwriterCas) April 19, 2012

"POTUS announces Pat Summitt UT’s women’s bball team, to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom." Don't be jealous Geno.

— Jimmy T (@jimmyslogic) April 19, 2012

Pat Summitt getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom, very much deserved. :)

— Breanna Stallard (@bdawn24) April 19, 2012

President Obama announces Pat Summitt to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom, our nation's highest civilian honor. Very cool.

— David Teel (@DavidTeelatDP) April 19, 2012

Pat Summit gets a well-deserved Presidential Medal of Freedom for "especially meritorious contributions."

— Andrea Bernstein (@AndreaWNYC) April 19, 2012

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