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The reasons not to re-elect President Obama are seemingly endless. And there is nothing like a little truth on a Sunday morning. Preach it, Twitter!

RT @TheDearDonkey: #ReasonsNotToReElectObama He is not proud of America. And that is unacceptable for a president. @dukeflytalker

— lcwhite1226 (@lcwhite1226) September 8, 2012

#reasonsNottoreelectObama go see 2016 and that will give you plenty of reasons.

— KAREN D (@Kazport) September 8, 2012

Choomanomics #ObamaHorrorFilms #ReasonsNotToReElectObama

— Chris Denhart (@ChrizDDv3) September 8, 2012

#ReasonsNotToReElectObama It’s racist to say “Obamacare.” — except when he says it

— Debz (@Deberra) September 9, 2012

#ReasonsNotToReElectObama – He makes people feel like victims and losers who can only succeed with his help. #RomneyRyan2012

— MadAxeMan (@madaxxman) September 9, 2012

#ReasonsNotToReElectObama Children R forcerd2 incur the irresponsibility of government & politicians, only2B left w/more debilitating debt.

— Shaughn (@Shaughn_A) September 9, 2012

#ReasonsNotToReElectObama Because his neck must be hurting from keeping his chin up in the air for nearly four years.

— Debz (@Deberra) September 9, 2012

#ReasonsNotToReElectObama His definition of "transparency" and mine are polar opposites. I tend to side with the traditional definition.

— Bossy Lady Dude (@aleykhat) September 9, 2012

#ReasonsNotToReelectObama When you are just not up to doing the job, we have to let you go.

— J Riesbeck (@tiogamom1) September 9, 2012

#ReasonsNotToReElectObama -it's racist to joke about a BirthCertificate unless Obama does it…

— Louis (@louis3288) September 9, 2012

Indeed. The lapdog media proved that one again today.

More, please, Twitter!

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