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Plus, guys, debates totally don’t matter, as Twitchy reported this morning.

NYT's Gail Collins: "Do debates really matter? The experts say that, barring total disaster, the answer is actually no. "

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) October 4, 2012

Nothing to see here! And Obama didn’t lose or anything. The real problem? Not enough political advocacy intervention by the media. Totally moderator Jim Lehrer’s fault.

I hope Jim Lehrer gets the license plate of the truck that drove over him in this debate

— Al Roker (@alroker) October 4, 2012

While he was roundly mocked last night, the lapdog media is taking it one step further in a desperate bid to spin for President Boyfriend. He lost the debate in Denver last night, you see, because Lehrer failed to do his job as Obama prop-upper.

Watch every last media clown blame Lehrer for Obama losing this debate.

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 4, 2012

And blame, they do!

PBS' Jim Lehrer gets a beating from Romney, then from #media critics, via @poynter. #debates

— Patrick Sullivan (@PatJSully) October 4, 2012

Obama's media fans have a scapegoat. Moderator Jim Lehrer let Romney talk too much. That's a pathetic excuse for Obama's bad performance.

— Fred Barnes (@FredBarnes) October 4, 2012

Jim Lehrer did a solid job specifically because he stayed out of the way. His critics are just partisans ticked off at the results (1/2)

— David Sirota (@davidsirota) October 4, 2012

Apparently, Lehrer's crime is that he didn't live up to the Broadcast News ideal "never forget, the media is the real story." (2/2)

— David Sirota (@davidsirota) October 4, 2012

Why moderator Jim Lehrer might be getting worse #debate reviews than President Obama:

— Eric Deggans at NPR (@Deggans) October 4, 2012

And, as Twitchy reported, lying liar Stephanie Cutter followed the lapdogs’ lead and  jumped on the blame Lehrer band-wagon as well.

This is what desperation looks like—>"Obama's Cutter takes swipe at Lehrer" via @POLITICO

— Jedediah Bila (@JedediahBila) October 4, 2012

More desperate blame-gaming:

Did Jim Lehrer Lose Control of the Debate? Yup.

— Katrina vandenHeuvel (@KatrinaNation) October 4, 2012

How moderate /centrist media of PBS/Lehrer disastrously failed democracy in post-truth,asymmetrical polarized enviro/

— Katrina vandenHeuvel (@KatrinaNation) October 4, 2012

Exhibit A in case for getting rid of Commission on Presidential Debates and its lame moderators. @thenation @edshow

— John Nichols (@NicholsUprising) October 4, 2012

that's not my judgment — why do we need More Moderator in a debate between 2 candiates? @thehill @aliciacohn

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) October 4, 2012

Why, indeed? “Just a blogger” Ace of Spades takes the “real journalists” to task. In glorious form.

You're whining that Lehrer didn't prop up Obama enough (though he did help him with a line) and didn't protect Obama @thehill @aliciacohn

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) October 4, 2012

Is the media making the case that at the next debate, what is really needed is More Candy Crowely?

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) October 4, 2012

What is the media saying when they complain Lehrer didn't "control" the debate? What, control it to make sure Obama doesn't get hurt?

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) October 4, 2012

The media doesn't have enough unearned influence spinning stories after the fact? Now it has to "control" debates in progress?

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) October 4, 2012

The two men argued back and forth. Both allowed the other to speak. Obama spoke 5 minutes MORE. But the media says: Not enough "control"!!!

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) October 4, 2012

Because the outcome was not as you wished it to be? The media needs to "control" the outcome?

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) October 4, 2012

Bingo. How can they push false narratives without controlling them? And, clearly, President Obama is an incompetent buffoon when left to his own devices. How dare Lehrer fail to “control” by propping Obama up?

Ace of Spades ends with a brilliant suggestion.

You know what would be a real c***sucker move by Romney that would really hurt Obama?

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) October 4, 2012

Let's say Obama gives one of his two minute canned answers. Now it's Romney's time to talk. Obama is happy that his time is over.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) October 4, 2012

What if Romney says, "Please, you may continue, I want to hear the fuller argument so we can have a full debate"? What does Obama do?

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) October 4, 2012

I think he wouldn't know quite what to say and would start rambling in search of a point.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) October 4, 2012

I think I'm a genius. Think of the power of the "No, do please go on" gambit, when your opponent only planed 2 minutes of canned answer.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) October 4, 2012

Genius, indeed. Make it happen.

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