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According to a report by Glenn Greenwald in the U.K. Guardian, the NSA has been collecting phone call records of millions of Verizon users.

Many Twitter users suspect that other telecom carriers have been providing records to NSA, too.!/WiredPig/status/342465382830968832!/SilenceIsFoo/status/342460075740372992

•• Obama Secretly Ordered NSA to harvest ALL data from Verizon ••…
(Likely from ALL Carriers)— Ed Shahzade (@Ed) June 06, 2013

Is the NSA also collecting other forms of communication? Some Twitter users think so:!/FloridaLegal/status/342489645134778368!/LesNessmanWKRP/status/342487543289352192!/BUCKEYEinstein/status/342472477835939840

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Posted on Apr 28, 2016

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