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Hidden lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

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  1. impayshunz says:

    Hey, we have a Hidden Lake in Glacier Park that looks a lot like this. At this time I believe ours is more hidden.

  2. UsernameForwardSlashAccountURL says:

    o snap

  3. HowardtheDuckthe1986filmnotthecomicbook says:

    Biota, the group of organisms in a certain region.

  4. eedathinks says:

    Found it!

  5. HowardtheDuckthe1986filmnotthecomicbook says:

    False: biota.

  6. CaptainAsshole says:

    Somewhere in those trees, or perhaps on those mountains, Sasquatch is waiting.

  7. SuzetteTheSmoreSchnappsGirl says:

    or a stream and a creek

  8. 1HumanRace says:

    Found the lake….hey guys, I found the lake!

  9. masonberserker says:

    Looks like it didn’t stay hidden for very long

  10. Magnivore says:

    Well not anYMORE, REDDIT

  11. TheRealMegGriffin says:

    That looks refreshing as fuck

  12. Timberlin says:

    Well, not anymore

  13. FirstWorldAnarchist says:

    Not so hidden anymore, dick!

  14. MakingMoneyGettingBitchesJustKidding says:

    I’d swim that.

  15. WeepingAngel says:

    Sneaky lakesess…

  16. smuemoo says:

    I’d love to have a chill out there.

  17. Zetsub says:

    I want to go to there.

  18. snipernosniping513 says:

    those look like the mountains on beer cans.

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