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@glennbeck better brush up on your newspeak

— Mike Vroman (@mikevroman65) February 6, 2013

If Democratic Rep. John Conyers hopes not to hear the words “illegal immigrant,” he might want to avoid Glenn Beck’s Twitter feed. Beck’s not taking Conyers’ suggestion that we use instead “out of status new Americans.”

@glennbeck Conyers is a complete moron for saying that.

— Jennifer Floyd (@jjfloyd) February 7, 2013

@glennbeck illegal aliens is more correct

— Gordon Black (@mmsonblack) February 6, 2013

@glennbeck And they are aliens.An immigrant is here by permission of the State.

— Deborah Shumaker (@Debbie_Str8Away) February 6, 2013

@glennbeck I’m not against immigration, I am against ILLEGAL Immigration

— Peter Cobb (@PeterCWI) February 6, 2013

@glennbeck Absolutely ILLEGAL.We are a nation of immigrants and those who are here illegally are called illegal immigrants.Nothing else.

— Del Embick (@DelEmbick) February 6, 2013

@glennbeck THANK YOU, SIR!!!!I’ve been shouting that all over forever now … it’s all that needs to be said.

— Granny Gangsta Pants (@Dee_K) February 6, 2013

@ragcon @glennbeck There are legal immigrants and illegal aliens. There is no such thing as an “illegal immigrant”.

— Aube Rouge (@LibertySeeds) February 6, 2013

.@ragcon Similarly, there are no “bank robberies”. Some people just make “unauthorized withdrawals”. @glennbeck

— RebelPundit (@NoChromeHD) February 6, 2013

@glennbeck Exactly, Glenn. People can’t grasp the concept that they are criminals as soon as they cross that border.

— Mike Orbin (@TxWheels) February 6, 2013

Sen. Marco Rubio isn’t using “out of status new Americans,” but he does prefer “undocumented immigrants” in his speeches.

@glennbeck you got that right, what is @marcorubio thinking?

— Lisa Jones (@metalchick007) February 6, 2013

He’s thinking of running for president in 2016, maybe?

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