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Yeah, we thought that, too. Of course, Bobby will never learn. Even after shopping around Hollywood last year trying to sell his movie, no one was interested. Now, trying to make money off his dead wife? Even after killing Whitney, he still uses her.

Here’s the report from Radar Online:

Bobby Brown has put pen to paper, written a script about his tumultuous life and is now shopping it to Hollywood studios.

Bobby would even like his 19-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina to appear in the movie, is exclusively reporting.

The script entitled The Bad Boy of R&B: The Bobby Brown Story was initially being sent out to potential backers late last year but received very little interest.

But after the death of his ex-wife Whitney Houston on February 11, Bobby and his writing partner Michael Pinckney have had renewed attention to the project, according to

The script’s ending will now have to be re-written to include the untimely death of the Bodyguard star, a source tells us. But the remainder of the story will stay the same as the former couple’s volatile marriage is only “lightly touched” on in the script.

According to, this is the cover of the script:

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Posted on May 14, 2017

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