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Because she totally tweeted #notwatchingthesuperbowl and now the world MUST KNOW.

1. On Feb. 7, 2010, Katy Perry tweeted this profound thing:

2. #notwatchingthesuperbowl … But why, Katy? What happened to turn you away from the TV?


3. After an intensive* investigation, here’s what we discovered…

*Tens of minutes of Googling

4. A few days before she said she was #notwatchingthesuperbowl, she tweeted this magicness:

5. And a few days after #notwatchingthesuperbowl, she tweeted this other, equally profound thing:

6. The Super Bowl she was “not watching” involved the Saints vs. the Colts.

Getty Images / Via Ezra Shaw

SPOILER ALERT: The Saints won, OK? Deal.

7. And The Who was the halftime show…



8. So… why wasn’t Katy Perry watching the Super Bowl?

  1. Why do you think Katy Perry wasn’t watching the 2010 Super Bowl?

    1. She secretly hates Indianapolis, where The Colts are from, and she was boycotting in protest.
    2. She was engaged to Russell Brand at the time, and out of respect for his not being American, she didn’t want to watch the most American thing.
    3. She was #literallydead from too much Starbucks that day and had to find someone to dig her out of the grave.
    4. She’s allergic to hot wings and couldn’t stand the thought of being around them!
    5. She was a firework, she was too busy letting her colors burn.
    6. Who gives a fuck.

An Investigation Into Why Katy Perry Didn’t Watch The 2010 Super Bowl


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Posted on Mar 27, 2016

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